Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Y'know what? I'm done dealing with people.

Most females of my age group to be exact. They are just terrible people. Their brains work like this when they see someone like me:

"Hm. She says she doesn't like vampire romance novels. She doesn't like my Uggs. Wait... SHE DOESN'T LIKE UGGS AT ALL!! She doesn't even like aeropostale... Or any other brands that print their brand name really big all over their clothes. And look at what she is wearing. Uck! That's way too much eyeliner. What did she do to her hair?! She's so pale... And not in the hot vampire way. Her outfit is so depressing. You know what that means... She cuts herself."

And their mouths work like this: "Emo Freak!!"

And there it is. Look into the mind of anybody with Uggs on their feet, Clips in their hair, and Idiocy in their hearts, and this is what you'll find. You see, I don't like any of the listed "fads." And so this is what I deal with every time I go to school. This is what the popular girls think when they see eyeliner and purple-striped hair. It's what they think when they see fishnets and black and red arm things. It's what they think when they see the fake gauges and lip piercings. It's what they think when they see me or anyone like me. They judge us purely on appearances and they don't bother to get to know us because to them, our appearance says, "depressing." "A real downer." "Emo." "Too Different." And that's why I'm just done dealing with them. That's why I do not talk to them. It doesn't help them get to know me like I'd want, but they wouldn't be willing to anyway. Idiots. I don't care if they have the best grades in the whole world, they're still idiots because they don't have the intelligence to realize that they're missing out on meeting some insanely awesome people, who they could be good friends with if they didn't have so many superficial hangups about appearances. There could be a kid who has absolutely the WORST grades on the planet, and if he understands that appearances don't matter, he is a genius in my book.

But at the beginning of this post, I did say most females. There are some like my friends who just dress the way they want and don't worry what other people think. I'm not saying we don't care about our appearances. We actually care very much about them. We just don't care what other people think about them. We don't even care what the other people in our circle of friends think about them, including each other. It just happens to be that we usually agree with each other on what looks good, although I did say usually.

But before you get on me about being a hypocrite, let me just say we all have different styles. Like I for instance am a very tomboy goth or a "crunchy" goth, whereas one of my friends is a very feminine, sort of "drapey" goth. One of my very best friends isn't even goth in the slightest, but she gets the whole "appearances don't matter" thing, and she's one of the kindest people I've ever met! Another friend of mine loves twilight, aeropostale, and even Uggs. And even though I don't always agree with her fashion choices, she was the first or second friend I made when my entire circle of old friends deserted me, even though I'd never known her before that school year. Plus she introduced me to one of my other best friends whose style is... Not describable, but it has a certain charm to it. Sorta 80's, sorta emo, I don't know. And many of my friends are just nerdy beyond belief, but that's why I love them. Because in addition to being a goth, I also fit in well with the band geeks, and the math nerds. I play the cello and went to math camp at an out of town college for a week. Best. Week. Of my life.

So I don't hate all people. Just most of you. Bye.

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