Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogging for 2 consecutive days... Wow. A New Record.

Well kiddies, it's that time of year again. Yes, I am talking about the bane of our collective existence. In less than a month, It's back to school. Back to all the torture you've wasted your life with. Don't get me wrong, it'll be a somewhat pleasant change to just sitting at home, doing absolutely nothing. I mean, now I can go back to whatever remnants of a social life that I have. Joy. No, I actually meant that. Sure the people who suck way outnumber the people who actually have brains, but hey. The people who have brains actually matter. I honestly don't care at all about the sucky people. Let them say what they say. I actually find it hilarious when I get an insult. I have an amusing anecdote about this. Would you like to hear it? I'm sure you probably don't, but I'm a mean person, and this is a blog, so I'm telling you despite all that.

I was at the mall with a friend just this weekend. We had decided to go out and bother the public. We did a good job, apparently. Even the very small children were bothered, because we were simply walking around outside the shops, trying to decide where to find our next victims, when a small child who couldn't have even been in kindergarten, pointed a finger directly at us, and shouted something unintelligible about the, "ugly girls." I found it quite funny. Especially when his dad tried to pull him away, and act like nothing had happened. Great parenting, sir. You should win a medal.

We both laughed and continued upon our way. We ended up Embarrassing ourselves and making others feel uncomfortable in roughly eight shops, bothering others directly in 2 shops, and in one specific shop, we made one sock salesman feel very special by asking for his autograph. We bought some socks and asked him to sign something, so he signed our receipt. We were so pleased in fact, that we took pictures with said socks and receipt in the photo booth.

See? Sad little gothic children still have social lives. We still smile. And laugh. At the expense of others. Just not when most people are around. Because they don't give us any reason to smile, or laugh. Only our friends give us that. I don't think that being goth is about depressing people. It's more about being brutally honest with them. And sometimes the truth just sucks. So they think we're just depressed. On the contrary, we have only just accepted the truth, and they're so busy denying it that to them we only seem depressed. But tell me, could a depressed child and her friend make a sock salesman so happy? No.

So we win in this battle of logic. Again. As we usually do. Logical thinkers, we goths are. But if you let me, I'll rant for hours on the subject. So I'd better just end it now.

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