Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Day the Music,(As Well as the Building that Housed it, and the Files and Personal Posessions of the Employees In that Building) Died

Today, all the public school kids in my city, as well as their families, teachers, principals, and other school officials/staff are freaking out a bit. Last night, a fire started in the head office of the city-wide public school system, and the building and all its contents were destroyed. Nobody got hurt, and the student files were all backed up in another location, but there are certain things that really can't be "backed up."

Things like musical instruments. The public school office stores rental instruments for kids in the orchestra or band at their school. And although there are other places to rent instruments from, it's still awful that they burned. And guess where the sheet music library was? All the sheet music for all the elementary, middle and high schools... Gone. The music program is currently dead, and I have little faith that it'll be fully revived in the three months between now and the start of school.

Music isn't the only thing destroyed of course. My friend Susan is an artist. There was a city-wide student art show in the building. Her piece was destroyed, and she's pretty beat up about it. I'm sure she isn't the only one. Kids of all ages from all over the city had their art destroyed. I know when one of my drawings got hurt in a freak Sharpie incident, I actually cried.

Being a dedicated student, artist and musician myself, I actually woke up this morning with the sense that something was off. It was an "I sense a disturbance in the force..." kind of deal, but I didn't think it was anything, because let's face it: I'm just weird sometimes. But thinking about it now, it was as if hundreds of little nerds, artists and musicians were suddenly punched in their collective face.

So yeah, after being cosmically punched in the face, as well as having the mailing of my final report card delayed, I'm pretty mad.

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