Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have a serious problem needs solving. (P.S. THIS POST RATED PG-13 FOR MILD LANGUAGE)

Before I start, you need to read this post by the Cheeseface: READ OR BE CONFUSED. Okay, now that you've hopefully done that, I'm going to add to it. Mr. Krueger sends kids to detention for truly unjust reasons. He never uses a nice tone. Everything he says has a snarky, sarcastic, "I am above you gutter-brats" sort of air about it. If a kid says something remotely disagreeing with his opinions, he'll say something like,"Okay, nobody talk to so-and-so." Everyone chuckles slightly, assuming he's joking, but when you try to speak to that kid, he will outright yell at you and say, "HEY. I SAID NO TALKING TO HIM!" And he's deadly serious, too. One day he made me hold his hand for a prolonged period of time. No joke. "Thermal Energy Demonstration" my ass. The worst thing is, Mrs. Vase doesn't do a thing about it. Now, if you have a particularly good memory, you'll recall I did not have the highest respect for Mrs. Vase when the year began, but I wish to inform you I've gone and done a complete 18o in regards to that. Now though, I am disappointed. I want your advice. What do we do about Mr. Krueger? Now, Cheeseface there has a pretty good plan. But we need a plan "B" to ensure he quits picking on students like this. There are fairly few people in this world that I truly hate. I like to think I'm fairly tolerant of people. They annoy me, but I don't hate many of them. Mr. Krueger though, is one of the unlucky few to make the list. Help me put an end to the hate, it's not doing anything good for my moral compass.


  1. I understand that you don't like your teacher. I had quite a few teachers that I didn't like in school as well, and I always was hoping one would get fired. I actually had one teacher that called everyone names. EVERYONE.. and some of them were not so nice, but thinking back now, I'm so glad that he didn't get fired.
    First of all, teacher's get shitty pay. Seriously, google it. It sucks, and they have like 6 classes filled with angsty teenagers all day (I'm not including you in this category, because I read your blog, and I feel like you are more intelligent than the average teenager, I myself was pretty average). On top of that, he has to keep people from talking to each other, from cheating, from doing dumb stuff really, and I understand it's frustrating.
    He shouldn't be calling you names, but like Cheeseface said, if Mrs Vase calls you names too, she is going to get into trouble as well. And by recording/bringing this list to the principal(who really has no power over the teachers at all) is just going to be embarrassing for the teachers, or cause problems with the students.
    One of my friends printed out comics about this teacher we didnt like, and called him alot of the things he was calling us, and he ended up getting about 7 people suspended. I know that your list isn't that extreme, but you all could be misconstrued as trouble makers.
    Maybe "Mr. Krueger" has some bad things going on at home, maybe he is taking it out on you guys, which you don't deserve, but you never know... Maybe he is just a dick, or maybe he is trying to fit in with you guys.
    Anyway, plan A needs to be each individual telling him that they don't like the names, and that it makes them uncomfortable/harassed when he calls them things.
    And you shouldn't accuse him of being a perv or anything unless he really is. If he makes an advance and it makes you uncomfortable, then go talk to someone about it. You could ruin his career and his life by making accusations like that.
    And like you said, when the year began, you didnt like Mrs. Case, so maybe by the time the year ends, you will like Mr. Krueger.
    Honestly, you need to make sure you go about this the right way, and not to just follow the crowd in this instance. It may seem like a good idea to gang up on him, but it isn't right.
    You are awesome, and I'm trying to be the least bitchy I can be, because I'm a pro at coming off bitchy, and that's not what I'm trying to do... lol It's cool if you think I am, but your blog is enjoyable, and you aren't like most of the other teenagers, so don't change that.

  2. I will talk to the other students about it, thanks!